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Merch for Palestine - Wristband

Merch for Palestine - Wristband

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Since Nemea already makes wristbands, they decided to offer them for the charity as well! 
Available are two designs, either a pattern or the Palestinean flag. 
They are ideal to wear during marches or just in everyday life, especially if you prefer something subtle. 
You can choose the wristband tied or with a clasp. 
You can combine all variants individually.

IMPORTANT: For the bracelet to be as accurate in size as possible, please add the perimeter of your wristbands in the notes. Otherwise we make a standard size but cannot guarantee the fit.

50% of profits go to the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) or the Palestine Child Relief Fund (PCRF). 
For tied wristbands, that makes 5,50 euros, for the ones with clasps, thats 6,50 euros. 
If it was possible, we would love to donate all profits like we do with the watermelon pin.
However, the financial support we receive through selling our stuff is what enables us to make stuff like the watermelon pin, with a profit donation of 100%, in the first place. Stuff we do not include in the cost evaluation are things like packaging, customs, and working time. We would be grateful if you would support us with items like these as well, so we can keep up the charity effort. 

Thank you so much for all the love these items receive. We do our best to have an impact, and we wouldn't be able to do so without your support!

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